Inventory ties up capital, costs money to store, costs money to handle, and can become damaged or obsolete. In an ideal world, with the exception of work in progress, there would be no inventory in a business. Material would flow through the supply chain with no bottlenecks, and the inbound supply rates would be synchronous with the outbound supply rates.

A perfect world, but does that sound like your business?

Considering the importance and the vital role of inventory in his organization, Mr. Joseph Douaihy – General Manager at Douaihy Pour Le Bois has been aware of how much inventory is critical to the success of his business. If he needs to protect supply, he needs inventory! So, his objective became to answer the question: how much inventory? 

Here when came Saber Middle East project team to provide support on how to optimize the inventory through on-site consultancy, off-site analysis and back-office assistance.


“Professional team, they made a valuable study and analysis for the project with constant interest and professional follow-up throughout the whole project phases”Mr. Joseph Douaihy