Welcome to Saber Middle East!

We are a vibrant consulting and training firm, passionate about serving organizations to achieve their Operations Excellence. Saber Middle East consists of a team of global experts in the fields of management, supply chain, marketing and business development with over 150 years of combined experience, providing top-tier development services and hands-on implementation addressing the entire value chain of your business.

We are dedicated towards serving companies in the Middle East & North Africa region by providing value-added services and all-inclusive solutions focused around Operations, Supply Chain, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) Development, International Trade, and NGO Capacity Building. We ensure the knowledge transfer to our clients about best-in-class practices and provide them with the right mix of tools and systems to help achieve quick-wins and measurable results.

Ultimately, we walk hand-in-hand with them to unleash their potential and reach outstanding business and financial performance!

Saber Middle East - Supply Chain

Our Logo
S refers to Saber, which stands for knowledge and learning in Spanish / Portuguese. The logo icon consists of a bouquet of S’s forming a clutch of knowledge that drives the companies’ supply chains to achieve high performance.
The pores of the logo represent the absorption of information from the external environment to reach the core for an evolution process using best practices that are transferred to the knowledge seeker to build capabilities and attain operations excellence.
Our Colors
We are building our business based on the four elements of life and their relevant color psychology: earth, water, wind and fire.
The earth element is conveyed through our brown color that symbolizes dependability, stability, trustworthiness and honesty. It also represents friendliness and simplicity because we are down-to-earth!
The water element is conveyed through our aqua blue color that symbolizes confidence, intelligence, integrity, and trust.
The wind element is conveyed through accompanying our clients in their journey towards success just like the sailboat reaches its destination. As the air breathes into the sails, we transfer knowledge to our clients to reach new horizons in performance.
The fire element, which is considered a purifying energy, resembles our passion in what we do and the commitment we place in every project to enrich our clients with flames of positive change and transformation.