Video Testimonials

Supply Chain function

“It was a wonderful and unforgettable time spent together last week. All that because of our inspiring trainer the pioneer Saiid Saber. Believe it or not, this is my first time I have never got bored during the 5 training days since 25 years of my career. It is amazing how Saiid makes us focused and get to learn without looking at the watch. I don’t know what to say more but thank you Saiid”.
Osama Abood Al Qaroot, Commercial Specialist – Oryx GTL, Qatar
“I just wanted to take some time to express how much I enjoyed having Saber as an instructor in the past week. I will remember for time to come all the fun activities and exercises you included in the course to enhance learning. I especially loved how you related the course materials to real-life examples that would allow the material to make more logical sense to attendees”
Saleh Mohsin Al Yafei, Head of Business Planning – Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), Qatar
“Saber proved to be a real expert Consultant in Supply Chain whereby they successfully conducted several workshops for the team of Supply Chain of SETS (Dell exclusive agent in Lebanon). Saber has also recommended practical solutions to the team after they had defined and analyzed their needs. Thus; Professionalism, Integrity, and Deep knowledge of Supply Chain are paramount of them”
Tarek Moughabghab, HR Director - SETS (Dell), Lebanon
“My first beneficial training career wise that I had in my field of work and an excellent one! You are the heart, arteries and veins of supply chain and logistics training. Looking forward for more!”
Rita Saleh, Tenders and Supply Chain Manager - Pierre Fabre Medicament, Oncology Division, Middle East
“Saber Academy enhanced my knowledge in Supply Chain and helped in solving issues by implementing new ways of working”
Joseph Doueihi, Product Supply Supervisor – Cadbury Adams Middle East
“Well managed course with excellent time management. It was totally worth it!”
K.P. Saranga, Supply Chain Executive – Ali Bin Ali Group, Qatar

Procurement function

“I would like to recommend Saber who is a professional trainer in supply chain and procurement. Their expertise and knowledge in these fields are very helpful in work as well as personal life. The trainer’s indescribable workshop is matched by a sense of humor; I would not hesitate to consult Saber for any future matters. They came highly recommended to me and went beyond all expectations that the team and I had.”
Ahmad Alsaid, Procurement Manager - Aramex International - Global Support Office, Jordan
“I am glad I attended a course conducted by Saber Middle East; I always heard about their knowledge and experience, and now I witnessed such perfection by myself! The trainer was very approachable and kept our attention at all times. There is information that I will take from the course and use in the day-to-day running of my business. Thank you Mr. Saiid, Thank you Saber Middle East!”
Mohammad Abedellatif, Sr. Procurement Officer – Aramex International, Global Support Office, Jordan
“Please allow me to thank you for the effort you have installed during the workshop in Abu Dhabi last week and the wonderful atmosphere you have created. Moreover, I will be very happy to attend any new course you give in the near future.”
NASSER H.AL-RADHI, Purchasing Dept., Technical Resources Division – Arab Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Co. (ASRY), Bahrain
“A clear communication from speaker was one of the factors for understanding the workshop achieved.”
Lourdes Mendoza, Procurement Dept. – Sodamco Weber, Kuwait
“I have discovered that Procurement is an art that requires an acquirer and an admirer”.
Elsy Ziadeh, Procurement & Contracts manager – mtv / Studio Vision, Lebanon
“Straight to the point material, relating directly to our field of work”.
Bachir Zeidan, Purchasing Dept – Technica Intl, Lebanon
“Excellent course with great coverage of the subject! The trainer showed proper time keeping, high level of experience and knowledge about the region and the subject”
Ibrahim Ali Fakhroo, Buyer – Qatar Fuel Additives Company (QAFAC), Qatar
“Interactive course with excellent content, trainer, and presentation of information”
Marwan Al-Kilani, Assistant Manager, Procurement & Logistics – Milaha, Qatar
“I appreciate the quality of training delivered. It was a highly interactive and problem solving approach”
Lakshmi Venugopal Venkata, Team Leader, Order Processing – PETROTEC WLL, Qatar

Logistics function

“The seminar helped me in being able to understand the risks of supply chain management; I benefited from all the presentations provided. There were general concepts then we went into details, examples and exercises. The presenter was knowledgeable about the material and he is very enthusiastic. One of the important things I learnt is to avoid lack of communication between the supply chain partners; moreover it was very useful to me in knowing how to reduce costs and give the company a better service on time. The place was well prepared and I really had a good time”.
Michelle Fayad, Logistics Department – Debbane Freres Trading SAL (Offshore), Lebanon
“The Training was really interesting. The combination of the general information and the real cases provided during the sessions allowed me to think more about the decisions took daily and how decisions should be made.”
Lama Nasr, Logistics Correspondent – Schneider Electric, Lebanon
“The most beneficial and efficient training ever attended. Thanks to the greatest trainers for making the info smooth to our mind :)”
Effat Shamoun, Imports Manager - Rafic Gazzaoui & Co. S.A.L., Lebanon

Inventory and Warehousing function

“I wanted to let you know that I am getting great remarks about your trainings. As you know, the Bellevue Medical Center has sent some of our employees to your workshops and they were very happy. I wanted to let you know of the feedback I have received.”.
Rima Khalife, Training Coordinator – Bellevue Medical Center, Lebanon
“The trainer, workshop and training company are all excellent and I really enjoyed every minute of it”.
Sumod M. , Inventory Dept. – Abela & Co., UAE
“It’s a full package: Information, practicality, and fun!! We love Saber Group”
Marie Charbel Chalouhi, Quality Assurance Manager – Dima Healthcare, Lebanon
إن الدورة كانت مفيدة وهي تناولت إدارة المستودعات من تنظيم وترتيب وسلامة عامة والتخزين بطريقة سليمة دون زيادة
Elias Khoury, Warehouse Team Leader – Sanita (Indevco Group), Lebanon
كيفية تنظيم المستودعات بشكل ممتاز والقدرة على إستعمال أكثر نسبة مساحة
Talal Bou Nasr, Warehouse Team Leader – Unipak Tissue Mill (Indevco Group), Lebanon
كيفية توزيع المواد في المستودع بطريقة نظامية وتصنيفها وجردها حسب ال classification ABC  
Rudy Waked, Warehouse Team Leader – Masterpak (Indevco Group), Lebanon