Saber Middle East is a vibrant consulting and training firm passionate about serving organizations in the MENA region to achieve their Operations Excellence. It is lead through partners who have over 20 years of international experience in USA, Brazil, the Middle East and GCC countries.

Mission & Vision:

Our mission is to help companies improve their performance and develop their talents to sustain competitive advantage leading to growth. We are always ready to serve enterprises, supported by:

  • Over 20 years of expertise in serving clients
  • International exposure yet local market relevance
  • Achievements with over 100 companies in the Middle East & the globe
  • Practical solutions that can be implemented
  • Achieving high performance and improving the bottom line
  • Focusing on people and building their capacities
  • Excellent problem solving skills combined with strategic planning
  • Veteran and committed subject matter experts
  • Our passion for what we do!

Our vision is to become a market leader for providing knowledge and advisory services mainly focused on supply chain and logistics management and to reach the peak of success in offering an ambiance of synergy in our services to the clients.

Core Values:

We employ our best capabilities to serve our clients in improving their bottom line, creating a well balanced supply base, minimizing their risks and increasing their service levels and customer satisfaction.

We adhere to our core values as:

  • We are most adept at turning knowledge into action.
  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We maintain the highest level of ethics and trust.
  • We focus on what we are really good at: Supply Chain & Logistics Operations.
  • We maximize value to our clients by using our robust methods and providing practical solutions to gain our clients’ confidence and maintain close relationships with them.

We think outside the box and walk hand-in-hand with our clients to accompany them in their journey towards success.

We’re fresh; we’re experts; we’re reliable… and above all, we LOVE what we do!

That’s why, with Saber Middle East, Knowledge Transferred | Transferencia del Saber