Leaders in Action

<strong>Saiid Saber</strong>
Saiid SaberConsulting & Training

Seriously funny with a positive attitude!

With over 20 years of experience, Saiid enjoys solving non-routine challenges and is constantly intrigued by devising creative solutions. He is expressive and people-friendly with a high drive to make positive change in organizations and the lives of professionals.

<strong>Georgia Karam</strong>
Georgia KaramOperations Management

High-spirited and constant perfectionist!

With over 14 years of management experience, Georgia still believes that “the best way to teach is to keep learning!” Along her career path, she has always proven herself to be a talented mentor and team builder with ample affirmation. Georgia is often referred to as the dynamo of our team.

<strong>Nathalie Jeha</strong>
Nathalie JehaMarketing & Media

All about people and communication!

With over 12 years of experience, Nathalie’s life revolves around creative advertising, designs, social media and event organization. She believes that reaching out to your audience is not about selling a product, but rather an essence of connecting with your customers.

<strong>Sami Salim</strong>
Sami SalimConsulting, Supply Chain

Sociable and serious at the same time!

With over 12 years of experience, Sami has a knack for solving problems analytically. Having handled numerous projects successfully across the Middle East, Africa and North America, he is certain he can solve any Supply Chain issue.

<strong>Maria Sawaya</strong>
Maria SawayaClient Relations, Training

Amiable, diligent and very sociable!

Maria is consistently setting firm goals for herself acquired through her optimism and sense of responsibility. She is best described as the organized one, something she brings from her social life to her professional one.

<strong>Elie El Khoury</strong>
Elie El KhouryClient Relations, Projects

Meticulous, friendly and passionate!

With over 4 years of experience, Elie is always motivated towards learning, succeeding and reaching higher goals. He believes that individual commitment to a group effort is what actually makes a team works.