What’s yours for 2012? (A story by our Founder)


New Year!… New Resolutions?!… Over a week has passed by on the beginning of 2012; have you had the chance to start on any resolution or you’re already set on track?

This has been a jolly festive season for me, showered with all the blessings and greetings from family, friends and valued business partners. I’d like to reciprocate all those wishes & blessings to you and your loved ones and send out my very best personal vibes for a New Year filled with success & health.

This is always a time of year when many sit down and share traditional holiday stories with their children. Families reminisce and tell tales of past family members and of times gone by. As I sit here at my desk in my Beirut office, I also think of stories; one where Lebanon has the best skilled talent which could make anything the country needed or wanted, and yet, it is mostly being exported to other countries to make use of it.

As I talk to my students at the American University of Beirut and as I visit other universities in my area and talk to college students, they are not hearing the story that the Lebanon is still a place where you can make your own destiny and create your own opportunities. That the most fundamental functions like Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics which keep the world going around and help us move forward are being ignored or taken for granted without serious development; a story that is OK and should be valued specially when hardships and everyday challenges are being faced.

So my wish for 2012? That Lebanon and the entire MENA region will write a robust and exciting chapter for the Supply Chain & Logistics industry. That once again, young students (both male and female) will see the great opportunities and the promise of working in this exciting sector. That every working professional will be given opportunities for hands-on learning within a practical and fun-oriented environment. That we provide every means possible to promote awareness and development of such a challenging field to take it to the next level. That we, as a nation, have pride in our storekeepers, logisticians, operations managers and supply chain analysts.

This is the chapter I wish to write within the story of Supply Chain & Logistics. What’s yours for 2012?

Best vibes for 2012 & beyond!
Saiid Saber