Our Founder returns from the program representing Lebanon in the United States


Our Founder and General Manager, Saiid Saber, returns to Beirut after being awarded to participate in the Rotary Foundation’s Group Study Exchange program, a unique cultural and vocational exchange program for businesspeople and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40.

For over four weeks, team members experienced and studied the host country’s culture, institutions and ways of life, observed their own vocations as practiced abroad, developed personal and professional relationships, and exchanged ideas. The objective of the program was to break the cultural misconceptions and bring the cultures closer together!

A team of 5 people was chosen after the district committee received around 40 nominated candidates from 10 different countries. A lot of wonderful team work and excitement brought the team together with their Team Leader and helped them in participating in the program to Central New Jersey as ambassadors of their countries, having an important role in representing their nations!After his return, Saiid Saber said, “It’s actually a unique experience that enriches the lives of the participants and spreads Rotary’s vision of peace and world understanding! Without a doubt, this program was and is one of the turning points in my life journey.” Furthermore, Saiid continues to express his admiration in participating in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that provided insight into historical and cultural makeup of different countries, improved communication skills with individuals from diverse backgrounds & eliminated racial & ethnic stereotypes.

He continues to add: “It helped us to gain personal growth, become more resourceful and broadened our horizons in both personal and professional perspectives while appreciating different cultures. The knowledge gained from the program extended my skills in the interpretation of global environments and provided me with an in-depth understanding of organizational capabilities required for international operations. In addition, I’ve experienced a networking practice among the Rotarians in which they facilitate the linkages between individuals and institutions to build and sustain mutual relationships among people and add value to the community. The most important aspect of the exchange I believe is enriching your people skills and getting the chance for exposure to a network of leading society members that embodies an extensive range of professional experience and cultural diversity. This pool of experience is highly valuable, where friendships have been formed providing a lifelong network. It is this particular human relations aspect that we must always focus on, everyday and everywhere!”