Course Overview

The Digital Program and Project Management course is an essential learning experience for professionals looking to deliver projects successfully using best practice project management methodologies digitally. This course aims to provide participants with a complete set of competencies, techniques, tools and good practices for managing all project life-cycle phases digitally: project identification, preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how to conduct needs assessment
  • Describe the project cycle, and key activities to be undertaken at each stage
  • State the relationships between the phases and deliverables of the project life cycle
  • Explain major roles and responsibilities of the project manager
  • Define role of the log frame in project monitoring & evaluation
  • Explain the process for community engagement
  • Discuss the role of indicators for project preparation, implementation & evaluation
  • Formulate and digitize project indicators in log frame format
  • Link information needs to levels of management within a progress reporting system
  • Select and use digital tools to improve management of projects