Discovering the right tools for procurement optimization


Metropolitan Hotel witnessed a two-day workshop on March 25 & 26 under the title “Procurement and Sourcing Best Practices”. The training has commenced with a cheerful ambiance in the hall by an icebreaking exercise to set a relaxing and maximized learning atmosphere.

Participants, revealing a keenness for training, were fully dedicated and anxious to discover the right tools for procurement optimization and cost reduction. As a fact, the workshop started by elaborating the procurement process and explaining the sourcing cycle focusing on methodologies for cost reduction. Moreover, the workshop explained the importance to maintain strategic relationships with suppliers, how to choose them and which criteria to use. Furthermore, several role plays were simulated to explain and improve the negotiation process between the supplier and the purchaser.

Interactive exercises, case studies and simulation games played a crucial role in transmitting smoothly the technicality of this course. Competition took place among teams which grew the spirit of challenge to win prizes. In the end, participants gave a great feedback and showed their high interest to attend other future workshops.