Our first newsletter for 2011 is out now! Enjoy reading…

Ever since creation, human beings are living in a constant change. Likewise, business perspectives are changing and economies are developing. Whether we like it or not, we are all facing a troubling new normal: rising complexity and uncertainty are boosting the odds that decisions we make today in our businesses will become uneconomic tomorrow.

Companies seek perfectionism but often fall in a downstream approach affecting their improvement and development! Did you ever wonder what the hidden riddle is?
Getting there means ditching today’s traditional business models and embracing change in favor of new concepts by rethinking your strategy and protecting yourself against uncertainty. Nowadays, the whole thing lies in the notion of Supply Chain networks and their management.
The time for evolution has arrived. If you’ve been putting this notion on hold for a while, now is the time to think twice!!
We hope this issue of our newsletter brings you fresh insights to rethink your approach in improving your productivity and performance through Supply Chain Management.