We’re glad that participants have enjoyed our session and found it very beneficial.

Saber Middle East team would like to thank over 25 managers from 20 companies for their kind attendance of our workshop on Supply Chain Awareness which took place last Saturday, November 27.

We’d also like to extend our sincere gratitude for the kind words they’ve put forth in their evaluation and for their candid and encouraging feedback. It gives us great pleasure to hear this and it was an honor having them with us.During this workshop, the concept of Supply Chain Management and its benefits were shared, in addition to shedding the light on the importance to identify the right Supply Chain for your product or service. The workshop was very informative and provided a good insight on supply chain processes, functions, benefits and strategies. Upon evaluation, the participants were very grateful for attending and absorbing such important knowledge while witnessing technical stuff turned into a simple, easy-to-understand training.

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