A closer look on incorporating the best tools of Supply Chain management

On Feb. 26, a great Saturday morning full of bright thoughts and willingness to absorb knowledge, various attendees from many leading companies attended our workshop and shared their experiences while adding significant value to their career paths.

With positive vibes in Rotana Gefinor Hotel, all participants contributed to make this workshop a great success! Under the title “Supply Chain Best Practices,” the hidden power of the Supply Chain and its benefits were once again revealed. What is Supply Chain Management and what are its benefits? How can you devise your own Supply Chain Strategy? What is the right Supply Chain for your products / services? And what is the hidden power that reduces cost, improves performance and enhances the bottom line?

Such questions and several more were tackled with interactive exercises and case studies which made the workshop such an exciting and amusing learning session. At the end of the day, the participants offered remarkable evaluations and received their certificates of attendance. The attendees departed with great tips and action plans to initiate in their daily work based on their understanding and benefits of the Supply Chain training.